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About Regional HealthPlus

When we formed Regional HealthPlus in 1996, health care was in a state of unprecedented change. Now, more than twenty years later we again find ourselves in a state of unprecedented change. As the public debate about healthcare continues, there are more questions than answers. Is there a form of care more beneficial than an acute-care model? How can we provide greater long-term value for patients? How can we help providers spend less time on paperwork and more time on the good work of improving health?

In a quest to be more than a contracting organization, we formed Regional HealthPlus with a unique DNA. One that rewards providers for integrated clinical care. One that aligns the quality of patient care with provider payment. One that is well positioned for coming changes that will refocus the delivery of healthcare services.

So while the debate rages, we are exploring new delivery models that fully align the power of physicians, providers, tools and information to provide patient-centered care and to prepare us for an accountable care environment. It’s work that results in the development of new protocols that are test-driven for results and patient impact. Streamlined teams that activate patient involvement. A level of attention that curtails overuse and contains costs. In the end, it’s care that makes us all healthier and happier.

Ambitious? Yes. But we believe health care can and should be more meaningful and efficient for all. No one more so that the very patients it exists to serve.


Our Providers

Regional HealthPlus offers over 1000 physicians and allied health professionals at many locations across the Upstate. Please search the directory to find a physician for you or your family.

Hospital & Facility Affiliations

The Regional HealthPlus Provider Network has four hospitals and three ambulatory surgery centers as well as a number of ancillary providers to meet your health care needs. Please access our Facility Directory  for detailed information.