Regional HealthPlus


CarePlus is a care coordination program with the goal to improve the overall health of a patient population.  A population can be defined several ways, but the two most common are the patients enrolled in an employer’s health plan or an insurance company’s health plan.  As the name suggests, CarePlus seeks to improve the healthcare experience by providing additional support to both patients and their physicians.

  • CarePlus seeks to empower patients through education and coaching.  An empowered patient makes better lifestyle choices and uses the healthcare system appropriately. 
  • CarePlus uses a team approach to healthcare to support the primary care physician by using case management nurses, wellness coaches, and care navigators.

CarePlus provides care coordination through the full continuum of care.  It begins with prevention and wellness for the overall population and provides special attention for patients with chronic disease or complex medical conditions.  CarePlus also helps with coordinating patients’ care during hospital stays and during the critical time after discharge.

CarePlus uses a robust data warehouse with a coaching platform and disease registry that allows for population management reporting as well as individual patient reporting.  CarePlus has developed a system of measuring outcomes by patient that is linked to their physician  and founded on evidence based guidelines of compliance and control.  These standards of care and protocols are approved and regularly reviewed by a Chronic Disease Management Committee of physicians and pharmacists.

Contact Regional HealthPlus at 864-560-6561 to see how CarePlus can help you.