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Better Care… Better Health

At Regional HealthPlus, our overarching goal is to provide the administrative, educational and technical support to our member physicians necessary to build and maintain a cutting-edge healthcare ecosystem in the Upstate.

Our goal is to see partner businesses rewarded for safe, effective and innovative care. Our heightened focus on personal health and wellness helps realize this, as it positions the patient in the best way before, during and after their visits.

Our physicians and hospitals regularly meet and exceed quality improvement standards that help address the specific health concerns of their insured populations.

We want to work with you to explore opportunities that may exist to help your business meet its healthcare needs.

Photo of an employee contract signing

Our approach to clinical and financial integration has been validated on the national and state level, as evidenced by a Certificate of Public Advantage awarded by S.C. Department of Health and Environmental Control. This certificate, which includes annual audit guidelines, recognizes that the clinical and financial integration of Regional HealthPlus has led to cost savings and quality improvements that benefit patients.