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Twenty-five years ago, Regional HealthPlus was founded primarily to help physicians negotiate contracts with insurance companies. Today, it’s so much more.

The healthcare landscape is changing. Data collection and sharing, regular training and standardized and streamlined coding are essential to surviving and thriving in light of these changes. And Regional HealthPlus has worked tirelessly to ease that burden.

As a leader for value-driven healthcare, Regional HealthPlus has sought to be a steady hand in this ever-changing environment – an innovative and transformative force that enables and assists our physicians in caring for their patients in the most efficient and effective ways, and does so in a way that aligns patient care with provider payments.

Group photo of a doctor with business staff

Our goal has been to make the transition to value-driven healthcare as seamless as possible by engaging both patients and physicians. Our staff of dedicated professionals do their jobs so well that at times it becomes invisible – operationalizing quality improvement measures that result in healthier patients and an even more efficient healthcare environment.

With so many things competing for our providers’ precious time, the work Regional HealthPlus does behind the scenes so that physicians can maximize the time they spend with their patients and deliver the best care that’s in line payers’ performance-driven indicators strengthens our regional healthcare system and the populations we serve.

With more than 1,200 providers in our network, we have built a solid foundation, and look forward to a bright future.


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