Better Care… Better Health

At Regional HealthPlus, we realize how much you value the time you spend with your physician. Our mission is to make sure you get the most out of that time through a model that empowers you to take control of your health and allows your doctor to make the highest and best use of that time.

Our care coordinators, for instance, call patients to conduct health-risk assessments before their appointments, making it easier for physicians to better flag risk factors and identify preventative care for each person they serve. This saves the doctor and the patient time, up to 20 minutes per visit.

Healthcare Providers group photo

Our most complex cases are reviewed by a team of doctors, pharmacists, social workers and nurses, who develop a care plan and coordinate that with your doctor.

We put a premium on Medicare Wellness Visits, which allow doctors to close any gaps in your care.

And we make Transitional Care Management a top priority. If you find yourself in the hospital, our goal is to do everything it takes to make sure you receive the care you need and do not need to be readmitted. Our team will meet with you while you are in the hospital and reach out for follow-up care within 48 hours of your discharge. Patients who need the most care are assigned a nurse navigator for up to six months.

While this leads to fewer readmissions, we are also seeing healthier – and, in turn, happier – patients who take charge of their health.